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TITLE; BigBang ALIVE Concert Tour in Malaysia!!..
Saturday, 27 October 2012 | 17:10 | 0 comments
       Anyounghasaeyo!! na neen Nurul Izzati-mida.. Anyounghasaeyo!! *bow*

As you all know yesterday ( 27th . Oct . 2012 ) in Malaysia there is 5 HOT boys performing a concert here!! They are known as BIGBANG!! OMG OMG OMG!!

Their concert were started around 8.00 p.m. if I'm not mistaken.. Well that is because I didn't went to the concert because I'M NOT RICH!! But I'm posting a post about it.. Cause I'm a VIP ( Fan Club Name )!! Yeah!!..

The concert was a success..!! Although it was raining that time, but Malaysian VIPs was a true VIPs for staying there wearing a rain coat.. Oh yeah!!..~ I think the concert ticket were sold out and more ticket were released due to overwhelming responses.. I wanted to buy it.. The cheapest was around RM 191 or something I have forgoten..! You can see the price on my Instagram account ( NurulIzzati24 ).. I have post a picture of the price..

These are some photos about the BIGBANG ALIVE Concert Tour Yesterday night..
These photos are not mine, I found it on Instagram and Twitter.. Hope you enjoy.. :) LOL..~~

  I'm singing my bluesss~~

 Malaysian VIPs wearing rain coat..

T.O.P!! I love him and also G- Dragon!

 Isn't G-D kinda cucte :#

T.O.P!! AHH.. My heart just melted!!


Taeyoung the dance maniac!! Coool!

Daesung!! His smile will make your heart melt!!

G - Dragon!!.. The Awesome Leader!

Stadium Merdeka was full of  Yellow Crown Stick!! Woahhh!!

Seungri!! The cute Panda.. 

 BIGBANG Concert was awesome!! Wish I was there!! huhu.. :(

There's a video of the concert but I don't know how to post it.. so I will give the link.. BIGBANG ALIVE CONCERT TOUR IN MALAYSIA 2012.. Check it out!! <3 Saranghaeyo!!.. BIGBANG oppa Saranghaeyo!! bubye. ~~

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