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TITLE; Hi - Tea XD
Friday, 2 November 2012 | 22:52 | 0 comments
       Anyounghasaeyo!! na neen Nurul Izzati-mida.. Anyounghasaeyo!! *bow*

Hey!! Last Thursday 1st November, Year 6 Students again have a Hi - Tea at Holiday Villa Hotel & Resort Subang.. It was freaking A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Here are some of the pictures.. Maybe not some, you can say a lot of picture.. And more waiting.. :) :P

On The Buss

 Dua budak cunn..

 Group picture everybody!!

 Aimi, Nurina, Syafiqah, Me, Siti

 :3 Cute





 Keh keh



 Teacher Nora! :3

 Lets dance!

 Three Best Friends

 Syazana Aimi Nurina Syafiqah

 Aimi Nurina Syafiqah


 The year 6 teachers

 Say cheese!! (tapi pndg tmpt lain)

From left : Zarith, Sahira, Nabeela and Nurin Dania :)

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