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TITLE; T.O.P saranghaeyo!!
Saturday, 22 December 2012 | 18:42 | 0 comments
      Anyeounghasaeyo!! na neen Nurul Izzati mida.. Anyeounghasaeyo!! *bow*

 HEY DUDE!! LOL.. sorry for the caps lock on.. :)) Did u guys watch Strong Heart yesterday night on channel 393 (One)? I watch both of the YG Special episode.. :)) Ngee~~ Well I'm a V.I.P
(BigBang fans name) Saranghaeyo BigBang Oppa.. :)) Especially T.O.P Oppa.. <3 And I can't wait for his new drama.. Yes he is acting yay!!..  He is acting in ' Absolutly Him '.. :)) Can't wait.. Well its not gonna be in Malaysia so I'm going to watch it online at EPDrama.. :)) Okay that is all for today.. And don't forget to join the GA on the sidebar.. :)) I have post all of the GA that haven't finish yet.. :) Okay Bye.. :))

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