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The A Team - Ed Sheeran

Monday, 14 January 2013 | 18:03 | 0 comments

     Annyeonghasaeyo!! na neen Nurul Izzati mida.. Annyeonghasaeyo!! *bow*

Annyeong guys!! So as you all know.. Wait! You guys don't know.. LOL hahaha ok ok Stop It Izzati!
Haha ok.. So as you all can see on the TITTLE.. Yeah I wanted to start selling things.. But yeah I have no idea of what.. That's way I wanted to write an entry about this.. I wanted to ask you guys on what I should sell.. Some of you guys maybe saying that I'm still young to sell or create a business at this age.. Yeah i'm 13.. And still young.. And maybe I should not sell.. Well its my choice right.. Whether to sell or not.. HOHO.. And maybe its against the LAW for an under age to start a business.. LOL.. But what do I care its not like i'm going to jail or anything right? TEEHEE.. :3 So as I was saying.. I'm the one who wanted to sell things not my mom who made me.. :P I got inspired by my mom.. About 3 - 4 years ago she has an online business.. Although it looked fun but actually its hard.. Because you have to do many things.. For an example you have to take orders, and you also have to check if the customer have bank in the money or not.. So you have to be precised with all the things.. :) I just typed things with my eyes closed :) Yay!! I'm amazing! LOVE you my awesome hand!! <3


So back to the topic.. :) So I wanted to ask you guys on what I should sell.. :3 Here is the list of things that I wanted to sell.. TEEHEE..

Things I wanted to sell.. :)
1. Clothes (any clothes, KPOP or just FASHION LOL..)
2. Accesories
3. Tudung / selendang  or in the same species LOL
4. Art and craft.. Just anything like vases maybe LOL
5. ALL the things above.. OMG
6. Just the thing that the customers order LOL.. Just like a VIP customers.. haha

So that is all the things that I think I want to sell.. So I need your help.. Just tell which one should I sell.. And if you wanted me to sell anything that is not on the list just tell me kay? Thank you guys..

P.S Please comment on what I should sell.. And please join my friend's GA.. I will give the link below..

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