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TITLE; Its School..
Friday, 4 January 2013 | 23:26 | 1 comments

        Annyeonghasaeyo!! na neen Nurul Izzati mida.. Annyeonghasaeyo!! *bow*

Annyeong chinggu, Unni, Oppa, Ommonie, Abojie. ^-^

Hahahahahahahahahahaha.. So you know that Its School Time.. And I'm 13 Yay!!.. Secondary.. :))
My School Is HUGE!! It's hard to find someone.. Kadang kadang SESAT!! Bhahahahahahaha.. Tapi PENAT gila!! Well sklh ptg.. :( pnt pnt pnt.. Ayoo amma appa.. LOL..

Soooo~~ *x tau nk tulis apa sbb ngantok ooo~~

Okay.. Next..
My mom is starting a business.. She sell Corset something.. Premium Beautiful.. She just started.. and haven't sell any yet.. Just wante to gain some friends and followers on FB, instagram and blog.. Please add my UMI.. ^-^

I will update this for my UMI's blog and Instagramm.. :)

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