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TITLE; Tutorial on How To Use Blogskins :D YAY!
Sunday, 27 January 2013 | 18:31 | 0 comments
بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم 

Annyeonghasaeyo!! na neen Nurul Izzati mida.. Annyeonghasaeyo!! *bow*

Annyeong guys!! So today I'm doing a Tutorial on how to use BLOGSKINS.. Some of you doesn't event know what is blogskins right? Blogskins is a skin for the blog LOL.. Okay even I don't know what it means.. But I use it.. It is very pretty.. But it is hard to add some things.. The usual templete is easier but it's kinda hard to make it pretty :D So here is a full tutorial on how to use blogskins.. Here we go!!

1. Go here or type

2.  Pick any blogskins you want.. I usually pick the 'Skin Of The Day' and sometimes click the 'previous Skins Of The Day'

Pick any skins..

I usually pick the 'Skins Of The Day'

Or pick the 'previous Skins Of The Day'

If you click the previous one it will come out like this :

It will come out like this ^-^

If you don't like the skins on that month you can click previous month :)

3. Pick you skins

So I pick this..

Click on the picture to see how the blogskins look like

And it will be like this

Tadaa,,~~ Press the picture again so it become smaller

4. You like it? If you do (follow these step)

Scroll down 

And you can see this..

Click on the Blogger Main

5. it would come out like this

  follow the step on the picture click where it come out

Them there would be this code.. Pening @~@

6. Copy that code then go to your template and

Just follow the picture :)

Click on the template

 It will become like this Tadaa!!~~

Then you scroll down and you can see this 'Revert To Classic Template' CLICK IT!

 And it will become like this

Press the 'Revert To Classic Template'

And it will become like this Dadum!!~~

 Scroll down until you see the 'Edit Template HTML'
Erase all of it and past the code that you just copy 
This code :

DONE!! <3 save and preview!! <3 

Wait for another tutorial this day :) 28 January 2013 :)) 
Don't understand? The translator are on the sidebar :))

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