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TITLE; Senior ku ! ~
Saturday, 16 March 2013 | 06:32 | 0 comments
بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم 

Annyeonghasaeyo!! na neen Nurul Izzati mida.. Annyeonghasaeyo!! *bow*

     Hey! Nak cite sikit.. Nak dengar tak? hehe

So semalam ( 15.03.2013 ) was my very special day.. A date with my crush.. Sebenarnya just jalan jalan pusing sekolah je.. kahkahakha.. Okay dia dah berpunya so, tak nak rampas or what.. But.. I like him before dia dah berpunya.. Dia cepat ada awek tu sebenarnya sebab dia getback together dengan EX dia tuh.. So, I was kinda MAD! I'm the one who's always with him.. Who is there for him.. Who was like his shoulder to cry on.. Merepek dah aku ni.. Well dia tau yg I like him..

Nak buat macam mana kan.. dah takdak rezeki dikatakan.. And I like him like gila gila tau.. Sampai mak rampas fon menangis because tak boleh ber-Whatsapp ngan dia.. teruk kan.. Well he is the one who make my nickname : Junior Tinggi :) and I call him Senior Tinggi.. He said I'm taller than him but sebenarnya dia lagi tinggi.. Semalam jalan dengan terpaksa pandang atas habis sakit leher.. hahaha..Okay he's form 2.. Born on January.. Same month as me but different year.. Coincidence? Just same like my EX.. January..

Haaaaa.. Ni satu bende yang paling sedih,, *la sangat.. Tadi masa ber-Whatsapp dengan dia, tiba tiba ckp pasal Korea ni.. Dia tanya "Awak betul betul minat Korea ke?" and i was like " Of course.. Drama Korea adalah satu satunya drama yang boleh buat saya nangis.." kehkehkeh.. And he was suddenly "Alololo Junior.. Senior tahu Senior tipu awak.. I'm sorry GIRL" haaa amik kau aku Caps Lock GIRL dia tu.. Yang peliknya dia tiba tiba cakap dia tipu.. haa pelikkan.. lansung takdak kaitan.. and Junior ni sebenarnya slow sikit,, hehe so i replied " Tipu? " and then This made me CRY.. Yes I CRY!! well I fell for him hard!!.. " Yesterday was our first date.. Memang dh lama nak date awak..  Jadi semalam dah date.. Tipu? Tipu awak.. Senior dah buat awak berharap sangat.." and I CRY!! Just with that sentence!! Urgghh Why did I cry for a dude!!

And after that I reply with just short sentences like "ouh", "okay", "..." "errrr.."  he was like cheering me up.. And I'm a "tweeterer" so of course I post that I was crying!! Duhhhh.. XD And he was like " Dah la jangan nangis lagi.. Saya tak tahu boleh buat awak camtu.. I didn't mean to make you cry.. Dah stop crying.. Awak? Okey saya janji takkan buat awak nangis lagi? alololololo dah la tu junior" at that time I was melting.. and I was MAD!! Like 'Why are you playing with my feelings? Just stop with you sweet words.. You making me suffer.. JUST STOP!!' 'How could you not know you can make a girl cry by hurting her feeling when she is deeply in love with you?!! A girl's heart are fragile.. Hold it like you are holding 10 freaking glasses!!' So I was mad and my tears can't stop falling until.. Until my mom came home.. tadahhh.. stop!.. LOL.. 

And there was this time.. He said he liked me once.. Masa bulan February.. He said that I melt his Heart.. and I was like OMG!! huh.. I was so dumb..!! I hate him.. But I really can't.. And tell you what, he and his EX/GF has already broke up like 2 times and get back again! I was MAD!! But I can't get that mad cause she is my friend.. But a senior.. Form 2.. lalalala..

Right now I can't make choices.. whether to like him or not.. Urghh.. My beloved friends please help me!! I'm so hurt right now.. but happy because he is still there for me.. We are like best friends now.. K Friendzone!! Hahaha lol :* Help?

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