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TITLE; I Hate You! *Crush Tag
Sunday, 28 April 2013 | 03:09 | 0 comments
 بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

Annyeonghasaeyo!! na neen Nurul Izzati mida.. Annyeonghasaeyo!! *bow*

wheee! Two post in a week! HA HA! mesti korang pelik kan.. " Apa bestnya 2 post in a week? " kan kan? Apa tak bestnya.. Dalam kehidupan yang busy selalu mana sempat nak update blog la kan.. So.. Its a good thing la dapat post 2 entry in a week! HA HA!

Okay back to the post.. Korang ada baca tak post sebelum ni.. About Le' Crush? Haha.. *malu eden nak cite pasal crush itew ni.. K dah menyampah dah.. Sampai kita jadi itew.. erghhh menggedik jap yee..

Have you ever feel like you wanted to tell someone or the whole wide world how you feel about someone? Well I just felt like that just now.. Nak bagi tau seseorang tak boleh sebab nanti diorang fikir kita ni gedik la ini la itu la.. Even my BFF seems like they hate me.. I know a sad life :'(

Jadi kalau not someone, to the whole wide world la kan.. But macam mana kan? Tak sampai world pun tak pe la.. Followers pun jadi laa..

Izzati rasa Izzati ni dah pelik la.. Kepala dah terlebih matang.. Haha.. Asyik fikir pasal dia je.. Sampai pelajaran pun dh macam

Down we go..

Hmmm.. But susah la nak lupakan dia.. :( It's super hard.. WHY!? Tadi dia ada tanya.. " Why is it hard for you to forget about me " dia ckp dlm BM Izzati saja je tukar jadi BI xD muehehe :3 Izzati jawab " Entah la ".. tapi sebenarnya dalam kepala ni banyak sangat sampai malas nak type.. *Eh ye la tu malas.. hahaha bukan malas cuma dh pening.. I hope he read this post.. And nah.. The reason why its hard for me to forget about you..

  1. Your kindness
  2. Your sweet words
  3. You've cared about me
  4. The messages that makes me smile whenever I read it
  5. Your smile that makes me melt every time I saw it
  6. You are the first guy that made me cry except for my ex BF
  7. You made my heart beat so fast when I saw you.. Sometimes my face are red and my friends would tease me 
  8. Your face.. It's so beautiful wakaka
  9. I sometimes wish that you could be mine
  10. And I love it when we use ' You and I '
  11. You are the type of guy that I like
  12. You are the first person that I will stalk when I open Twitter..  There was this time when I wanted to open my friend's acc and suddenly I type your name..
  13. That time when we walk around the school together and had lunch together.. I wish I could just rewind that time and enjoy every second of it..
So that is mostly the reason why its hard for me to forget about you

So please understand my feelings.. I even bought you some gifts because you'll be leaving the school.. So I bought you some presents.. I lied to you and said that it wasn't for you.. But I hope you'll know that it's for you.. But I'm not sure if I have to give it to you.. because you are in love with your ex *yeah they broke up..  And I think of making a handmade plushie for you or A jar full of the reasons I like you.. But cancel that jar.. I think I want to made the plushie toy for him.. It's just.. Can I make it? Would it turn out nice? hmm.. Better try then menyesal kann? hahaha #broken english

Here's some pic of what I'm feeling :

I wish when he read this he will be like :


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